Jellyfish feed on zooplankton.

These are small crustaceans that live suspended in the water. Jellyfish capture their prey with their stinging tentacles.

Aquarium, jellyfish should be fed three to four times a week. However, they can fast for up to one week. After a fasting period, it is necessary to feed a little (every day for 1 week).

To feed your jellyfish, choose a priority the living plankton (freshly hatched Artemia nauplii, rotifers and copepods).

We advise live food for two reasons:
– It is rich in vitamins and other essential fatty acids necessary for the growth of jellyfish.
– The living plankton swimming in the aquarium and is easier to capture for jellyfish.

We sell a simple culture system of artemia below.

However you can also feed them occasionally (1 of 4 meals) with nauplii of brine shrimp paste (not live).

In one case as in the other, do not pour excessive amounts of food, it will deteriorate the water quality of your aquarium.

Complete culture device with stand, air pump and 1.8 m. pipe.

Harvesting container and Artemia nauplii sieve (0.15 mm mesh) also included.
The shape of the funnel allows a constant movement of all nauplii.
The container is constructed so as to be able to connect several additional cultivation devices with the same air pump.
The attachment has bayonet clips on the side, which allows to connect multiple substrates to one another.
Tip: The silicone seal the upper bayonet seal is certainly coated in silicone oil of the mechanism but it is recommended to add occasionally silicone grease so you can always easily open the lid.
Use with brine shrimp eggs Jellyfish plancton mix (not included in this set).

Manual video setting in culture :

Manual harvest in video :

artemio set-500x500

Hatcher artemia nauplii easiest to use.
It only remains to put water, brine shrimp eggs and salt (or a little water of your aquarium).


Manual video setting in culture :

This mixture of plankton specially enriched eggs and salt, you will have very easily live food for your jellyfish.
Put 0.75 liter of tap water at 28-30 ° C in your incubator.
Pour 2-3 tablespoons coffee mix Jellyfish plankton.
Plankton hatched after 24-36 h.
They can be retrieved using the screen supplied with the incubator. This quantity is enough to feed 3-5 jellyfish Aurelia aurita size XS for 2 months. It is appropriate to adapt the amount of feed based on the number and size of méduses.

200 g ready to use mixture.
Do not overfeed your jellyfish, this will deteriorate the water quality of your aquarium.

cystes artémias-500x500

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